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George Vanecek

California Licensed Private Investigators and Attorneys



Investigator, PI License PI-26161

Professional experience

Investigator Vanecek retired as Lieutenant for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department after more than 30 years of service. In his last assignment, he was responsible for all administrative investigations for three major custodial facilities.

Investigator Vanecek spent over 15 years in Detective Division. For three years he was responsible for budget and personnel issues of the Detective Division Administration. He supervised and actively worked cases with five detective teams in the Major Crimes Bureau and the Special Investigations Unit, including Intelligence. Collaterally, he was assigned management analysis/reporting functions and chaired numerous Division-wide commissions.

He investigated allegations/suspicion of criminal conduct by Sheriff's Department personnel, and spent 5 years conducting those investigations on the federal and state level.

He served as Public Safety Director for a Sheriff's Contract City for 4 years.

Investigator Vanecek is recognized as an expert in the area of policies, procedures, and investigative protocols.

He was a facilitator for Sheriff's Department Leadership Institute, and lecturer on police ethics.


  • Recognized nationally as an expert in public/police corruption

  • Valedictorian of the Sheriff's Supervisory Leadership Institute

  • Medal of Valor Awards (Three Times)

  • Los Angeles County Employee of the Month

  • Sheriff's Department Distinguished Service Award - Investigative Excellence 

  • Sheriff's Department Distinguished Service Award - Career Achievement