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John Capen

California Licensed Private Investigators and Attorneys



California Private Investigator License: PI 28031 


John Capen has extensive law enforcement and workplace investigation experience. During his twenty-year law enforcement career Mr. Capen supervised several specialized investigative teams to include Homicide, Robbery, Vice, and Domestic Violence. Mr. Capen also supervised the Officer Involved Shooting (OIS) team, which was tasked with investigating all high-profile officer related criminal investigations. Additionally, Mr. Capen was assigned to the Office of the Police Chief and has extensive administrative investigation experience having conducted numerous high profile and complex internal affairs investigations.

Since retiring from law enforcement, Mr. Capen has conducted over one hundred workplace investigations throughout Southern California, involving allegations of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, theft, fraud, public corruption, and other serious workplace misconduct. 


  • Bachelor's Degree - Criminal Justice Association of Workplace Investigators certificate holder (AWI-CH)

  • Member, California Association of Legal Investigators (CALI)

  • Member, Association of Workplace Investigators

  • Numerous training courses related to workplace investigations, employment law, and management

  • Graduate of the POST Supervisory Leadership Institute (SLI)


  • Role of the Police Chief

  • Internal Affairs Investigations

  • Traffic Program Management

  • Narcotics Unit Supervision

  • Crime Scene Investigation

  • Media Relations

  • Homicide/Vice/Narcotics Investigations


Capen is a member of the Association of Workplace Investigators, California Association of Private Investigators and the Newport Beach Police Officer Retirees Association. As the Chief of Police, Capen was a member of the Cal Chiefs Legislative Law Committee and was an elected trustee for the CPOA Legal Services Program